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Trisolace farms is a contract farming entity with off-take agreements to provide clients with both snails and vegetables for export.
We also build greenhouses for both snails and vegetables.
These are our core values here:
Passion: Driving goals with great enthusiasm
Humanity: Making positive impact on others.
Inclusion: Being valued, respected and appreciated.
Multidisciplinary: Finding solutions together.
A number of hands come together make our process work for you and the farmers. We are a team of energetic and creative you people who prioritize a better product and an excellent service above everything else.
Our teams cut across Agricultural Operations, Finance, User Experience, Technology and Design. Our skills our interwoven in ways to productively empower farmers, increase digital participation in Agriculture, drive increased food production, while putting a decent profit in your pocket
Trisolace secures the off-takes or market agreements including locked in prices for produce, optimize setups ad structures to grow them and roll-out out grower schemes for clients to participate in for income generation and employment ... We also take from clients as a loan, clients who do not have access to lands, expertise or large enough capital. Investments that meet a certain benchmark are aggregated on our platform for investors to participate in. As part of our value, we make the investments available in smaller units that even low-income earners can afford, and provide the benefit for investors to liquidate (sell) their investment before the maturity date. Read More
You can join the Trisolace Farms by signing up with your email now
on our website and indicating your interest and the kind of partnership you are interested in.
As a partner, you will regularly receive email updates on all the Trisolace Farms projects.
We provide insurance cover for all our agricultural projects, so that the partner's funds can be reimbursed in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

Take our word for it, your funds are safe, but more than just our word, all of our farms are fully insured by GAIP (Ghana Agric Insurance Pool) Assurance. Therefore in the event that something remotely goes wrong with our harvest, which has historically not been the case, your capital is insured, there is nothing to worry about

According to our Agricultural research institute of Ghana called CSIR-FORIG

Ghana consumes 15,000 tons of snails each year and only 2,000 tons were produced in Ghana; making the market very good. And every year we only sell about 100 boxes and 50 farm setups revenue of about 52,000 cedis (400 cedis per box), even though we have about 239 average requests for our boxes. We can serve about 300 clients more if we are able to expand our operations which will be about a 200% increase in revenue and impact. Civil servants teachers, service-men district and municipal workers. Informal and self-employed personnels, entrepreneurs, artisans, etc.


We provide outstanding greenhouse consulting services through team work.


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